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Thank you for attending our Challenge, Champion, Change event. The world of corporate social responsibility and corporate social value is incredibly complex. But it’s only by immersing yourself in it that you can begin to understand it and start to make a difference. We hope you found the day as inspiring and energising as we did. Let’s look forward to a new phase of collaboration and empowerment as we transform the way we work and live, one step at a time.

Our causes

Commercial introduced the causes closest to our hearts, Toilet Twinning and Soap Co.
Toilet Twinning helps bring clean water and safe sanitation to the world’s poorest people by linking your loo with a latrine in Africa or Asia. Commercial has successfully twinned each of its 23 toilets with a toilet in Malawi.
Soap Co is based in East London, all Soap Co’s products are handcrafted in the UK by people who are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged. Commercial are working hard to integrate their products into our supply chain.

Let us connect you

Let us connect you

Special thanks to our sponsors and exhibitors!