Commercial’s managed IT services division Commercial IT Services is helping UK schools ensure their old laptops, monitors and PCs are put to good use via charity IT Schools Africa.

Equipment is collected from schools by Commercial IT Services free of charge and taken to IT Schools Africa’s Cheltenham head office. All data is erased, then computers are upgraded and loaded with Windows 10 and educational software. Disadvantaged young people from Commercial’s social enterprise Commercial Foundation are involved in the reconditioning process.

Wellington School in Somerset recently donated 240 pieces of equipment, following an upgrade of its IT infrastructure by Commercial IT Services. On collection day, the Commercial IT Services team introduced pupils to the concept of sustainable development, explaining how their computers would help schoolchildren less fortunate than themselves.

Director of Commercial IT Services, Richard Blundell, says the initiative represents a new aspect of the business’ ‘managed IT with a conscience’ positioning.

“The 240 laptops and computers from Wellington School would have been destined for landfill, but instead they will benefit around 7,500 schoolchildren in Africa,” Blundell comments. “Even better, our social enterprise Commercial Foundation will work with IT Schools Africa to upgrade the equipment. Commercial Foundation works with disadvantaged young people to improve their employment prospects, and this will enable them to develop new workplace skills and confidence.”