A Carbon Offset Case Study

What is Rimba Raya?

Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve is an area of carbon-dense tropical peat swamp forest on Borneo, Indonesia. One of the most bio-diverse ecosystems on the planet, it’s home to thousands of plant and animal species, including the endangered Borneo Orangutan.

Conversion of natural forest to palm oil plantation is an ever-present threat on Borneo. This presents a clear risk to many of the species that exist there. Commercial has chosen Rimba Raya as one of two projects to support via carbon offsetting during 2017-2019.

The reserve protects a 47,000-hectare area of forest and engages local communities through education and agroforestry training. Around 2,000 households are located within the reserve, and the project focuses on improving food security, income opportunities, healthcare and education – all with the support of carbon finance.


Utilising Ground Breaking Concepts

Addressing the CO2 issue

Commercial takes significant steps to reduce carbon emissions at source. Some of our actions are genuinely ground-breaking and are referenced by external organisations to ‘prove the concept’ of new approaches to sustainability.

Actions we’ve taken to reduce emissions include:

  • 100% renewable electricity use
  • Onsite generation of electricity using photovoltaic
  • Hydrogen-fuelled delivery vans (the UK’s largest privately-owned fleet)
  • Go Ultra Low Company status (we have a target of 7% of our fleet comprising plug-in vehicles by 2020)
  • Active waste management

Natural Capital Partners

Managing and minimising the carbon intensity of operations is an ongoing priority at Commercial. But inevitably we still generate some CO2 emissions. These are measured annually and independently assessed by carbon offsetting firm Natural Capital Partners. Our emissions are used to calculate an equivalent financial value which we invest in suitable sustainability projects.

Several of the products we supply are sourced in Indonesia. So, we elected to support RImba Raya to help with conservation, ecological enhancement and social improvement in the country.